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Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae

We are told that, "At 10 feet he is as blind as a stump" — whatever that means. Yes, Tommie could have represented a pro-Persian faction in Egypt. Eventually Diomache is taken in to be a maid of a wealthy Athenian matron, while Xeones follows his dream to someday serve in the Spartan army.

Gates of Fire Summary & Study Guide

He is an Egyptian "marine;" an officer normally stationed on a Phoenician warship in the service of the Persians. This book counters the fear and terror of war with perseverance, strength, and flaming resilience.

And not just because of the inconsistencies, or the historical mistakes, or the anachronisms.

Gates of Fire Summary

But, I had trouble picking one winner, so I finally selected two, one from page 31 and one from page He just goes down again. But, at the bottom of page 15, Bruxieus is presented watching the training maneuvers of a Greek army from the top of a city wall and commenting on the excellent alignment of the soldiers.

Especially mistakes in geo-politics? But, the wooden writing, the cardboard characters, and the poor to non-existent editing trivialize all the answers presented.

I take it to mean he is more nearsighted than I am, which is pretty bad.

Gates of Fire Book Summary and Study Guide

A kindling ember of hope was lit by the Spartans from the battle that results in a deluge of blood in the gates of fire, turning flesh and blood into gifts for Hades. Xerxes is the ambitious heir, son of Darius the former great ruler of the Persian Empire, wishing to forge his own glorious legacy through conquest of the Hellenic nations who have been at war with Persia for hundreds of years.

Also consider the psychology behind the social bonding that develops in smalll, competitive groups—whether it's military, sports, college fraternities. What does it mean when they either do not read something they are supposed to review, or read it, and then ignore all of its problems?

If anything, this makes classical infantry battles relatively pleasant compared to 20th century battles. I could try to tell you all the incredible building blocks that make up this book and warrant these high praises but believe me that I will fail. The Persians attack and wipe out the Greeks, but not before many more Persian troops fall.

Not only because of the anti-war attitude of that time; but because so many potential reviewers and readers would have had experienced the real thing — in World War II or Korea, if not in Vietnam - and recognized that this book does not reflect it.

The story also intertwines Xeones never dying love for his long lost cousin as well as the incredible strength of the women of Sparta who must watch as fathers, husbands and sons march off to the face death in the defense of country and family. This dating is given on page Around page 31 Xeones and two companions are wandering around the Greek countryside at night, stealing sheep.

Are they necessary given that we no longer fight in hand-to-hand combat? He runs to the mountains with his cousin, Diomache, and an old slave, named Bruxieus. Xeones tells of heroism of the Greeks against staggering odds during his seven days at Thermopylae. Why do I think Gates of Fire is so bad?

Who is going to write something like that unless they intend to write badly? A fallback position that will allow the Spartans to fight some really big wars for the Persians, if they still want to fight.

Three, thrown by the same person, "one after the other. An appeal from a Greek happily serving the Persians would be more likely to tempt the Spartans, thereby reinforcing their own stronger dedication to freedom. Some of them are lyrical in their praise.Study Guide for Gates of Fire.

Gates of Fire study guide contains a biography of Steven Pressfield, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

A review on Gates of Fire - Steven Pressfield In BC the Persian Empire was once again trying to invade ancient Greece. Under the reign of King Xerxes, an invincible army of a recorded 2 million was marching downwards to enslave all Greeks.

Lancelot by Giles Kristian was an amazing standalone and now, I’ve found Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield. I’m starting to feel that historical fiction is the right genre to visit when I’m looking for amazing standalone books/5.

Gates Of Fire Themes BOOK REPORT Book Title: Gates of Fire Author: Steven Pressfield Why I chose this book: I have no particular reason why I chose this book While searching through the commandant’s new reading list, the title of the book stood out to me.

Gates Of Fire Themes BOOK REPORT Book Title: Gates of Fire Author: Steven Pressfield Why I chose this book: I have no particular reason why I chose this book While searching through the commandant’s new reading list, the title of the book stood out to me.

Gates of Fire is a historical fiction novel by Steven Pressfield that recounts the Battle of Thermopylae through Xeones, a perioikoi (free but non-citizen inhabitant of Sparta) born in Astakos, and one of only three Greek survivors of the battle.

Gates of fire themes
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