A comparison of blaxploitation movies in dolemite and the mack

In Velvet SmoothJohnnie Hill is a female private detective hired to infiltrate the criminal underworld. Three the Hard Way. Like Black Dynamite, New York, I Love You is an excuse for actors to show up and act silly for a few minutes, before moving on to the next bit.

NelsonSharon Stoneand Vanity also star. Directed by Gordon Parks, Jr.

La Scala Restaurante

It came in the form of a low-budget, badly made French film by the name This movie was produced during the era of such blaxploitation movies as Dolemite. Marshall of Blacula fame conducts the exorcism of Abby on the floor of a discotheque.

There are many other directors who worked on the film, Natalie Portman stars in one film and directs another, but other than one half of The Hughes Brothers, the pickings of famous filmmaking names are slim. When the Mafia moves in, they establish a military-style squad.

In The Human Tornado a. It's scheduled to be shown at Sundance in January, so I'm assume it's just waiting to be financed for an American release. Hammer stars Fred Williamson as B.

‘Like Netflix, Only Blacker’: Brown Sugar Blaxploitation-Movie Subscription VOD Service Launches

But Jarmusch was smart enough to have his taxi cab scenes have characters, jokes, drama, and differentiation by having them take place on different continents. Anything of at least marginal quality that could be imported?

A token black CIA employee, who is secretly a black nationalist, leaves his position to train a street gang in CIA tactics in order to become an army of "freedom fighters". The Mack was first released on video inand init had sold 67, copies.

Hyde is the retelling of the Jekyll and Hyde tale, starring Bernie Casey. Both The Mack and Dolemite have the same theme, but I consider each of them worth watching for their individual merit. With its prevalence of pimps and prostitutes, it is an inventive throwback to early s blaxploitation.

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(As in most blaxploitation, white skin is synonymous with evil unless of course it s female and naked.) The only things he left out were quality and intelligence--making DOLEMITE a classic among. Dec 10,  · The 50 Best Blaxploitation Movies When news circulated early last week about Spike Lee's new (and hopeful) $ million Kickstarter project, to fund a movie about people "addicted to blood," we immediately felt the urge to revisit that cult classic Blacula.

Apr 13,  · This is the trailer for the one and only original Rudy Ray Moore Dolemite movie from Find lots of great movies like this at currclickblog.com Jan 12,  · So, a work mate and I have decided to go on a Blaxploitation film marathon.

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And I'm in search of some "classic" or "must see" material that might qualify. Doing a blaxploitation homage in sounds good on paper, because there are a finite amount of authentic movies of this genre.

At a certain point you run out .

A comparison of blaxploitation movies in dolemite and the mack
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